How to set up your gay dating profile

How to Set up The Perfect Online Dating Profile as a Man

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The Gay Man's guide to creating a profile that speaks to who you are. Plus: two profile red flags to look out for. Yes, there are most definitely some big do’s and don’ts of creating a profile to attract other gay men, on Hornet and elsewhere. Here we walk you through some of them, with the goal of crafting the perfect gay dating profile that no man can resist. Here are 8 tips to help you.

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8 Online Dating Tips For Guys Who Actually Want To Score A Date

Simply Amazing! Or are they? Some of them you may already know, some of them may be foreign. The very first thing that a woman sees when the app shows her your profile. Many people Fail Hard here. Your main photo MUST spike her interest enough to make her want to browse the rest. But how do we do that? It must be perfect.

Your face must be seen without any squinting or anything else. Your main photo is just for you. Nobody else should be there. Basically, this only reduces your chances. Think of it that way: Point Made, Case Closed. Moving on…. Something that will be different from the thousands of others she sees every time she opens up her online dating app. You want to stick out.

How to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile, in 25 Infographics

Like a bird showing its fancy feathers to attract the female birds. Nowadays everyone just has a boring selfie or just a photo of them looking at the camera, awkwardly smiling.

You can do so much better! Get her interested in you. This is your only chance, make it count. A girl would see your profile, see the photo of you in a fancy suit with a stone gaze at the camera and a broody look on your face.

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gay Dating Profile

She clicks on the profile to see more. What should she see there?


Your other photos must tell a story of your personality. Without words, you need to make sure she understands how awesome your life actually is and make her want to be a part of it. Here are the photos you should have:. A photo of you doing something you love. If you play football, put it in a photo there. Whatever you love doing, get somebody to capture you while in the action and put that photo on your profile.

And rightly so, imagine the following:

Now that she knows how you look, you can put a group photo to let her know that you love being out with people. You and your friends at a club?

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Serial killers have blank profiles, not nice guys who are trying to meet other nice guys. So fill everything out. It also shows that you actually care about the app and making valuable connections while using it. You can also choose not to share your status publicly. And Hornet also acts as a reminder for guys to get tested and update their status regularly. The lighting in there is perfect, right? Well, now you can post that shot to your profile for the world to see.

Unlike all the other day dating apps out there, Hornet also features a boatload of content within the app itself. He wants to get a real sense of who you are, which is nearly impossible with only one snapshot.

Status message

Many people Fail Hard here. Imagine a shot of you in action playing pool, focusing on making a shot," he says. The natural light, particularly in the afternoon can be very flattering and bring out your best side! Top Tip: Nowadays everyone just has a boring selfie or just a photo of them looking at the camera, awkwardly smiling.

The more photos you have uploaded and ready to send, the better.