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We ripped out banner ads.

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The banner ads, they're terrible, they look bad. They're annoying, they're scammy, they're spamming.

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They're extracting data about you and shuttling it all over the internet. So why are they called "programmatic? In that instant, you have advertisers who are bidding on that impression. These advertisers want their ads to reach different people, and some of them want to specifically reach gay men. In this kind of real-time moment that resembles a stock exchange, advertisers see that you're using, in this case, Grindr. They can see that, and they can run an ad they think is appropriate to show you. This phenomenon was sold to us in the early days as a way to show people more relevant ads.

Well, the issue now is that data doesn't just stop with the advertisers anymore — you can easily envision scenarios where that data about your usage of Grindr includes your listed HIV status. Now, that's a very scary and — arguably — dystopian scenario. But it's one that's become increasingly discussed and is part of the reason why the European government passed a very strict privacy law this year.

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Governments don't create marriages, so they can't ultimately redefine them. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. We believe in bringing love to everyone who is serious about finding it and we work hard to ensure that our match suggestions are up to the task. We then combine these results with your relationship plans and desired location, allowing us to introduce to the kind of American men you want to meet and embark on that all important first date. Please select your gender and search gender. There is an enormous difference, however, between a man and a woman.

When reached for comment about programmatic advertising, a spokesperson for Grindr offered the following: Grindr has never sold nor will we ever sell personal user information to third parties or advertisers. It is also worth noting that our primary revenue stream is through subscriptions. Do you believe in good faith the claims that Grindr made back in April, that they were actually going to stop allowing advertisers to receive access to users' HIV statuses? I think every gay man who chooses to use Grindr should look at the facts and should look at their history of decision-making.

I think that people have very good reason to be deeply skeptical of that company in particular There is a reckoning coming for all of these technology companies and platforms that are making business decisions without considering [their] moral implications.

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In that sense, it's interesting that Grindr has been running a campaign called "Kindr," or other social awareness campaigns that have been trying to shed a spotlight on members of the community who are typically disenfranchised on the platform. This kind of dating discrimination or sexual discrimination that happens on Grindr is certainly not unique to them; it also happens on Scruff. What kind of initiatives are you guys working on to make sure that Scruff is a safer place in the same way that Grindr has?

I am pleased that our industry, more broadly, is shining a light on the issue of racism and sexual discrimination.

I think if you look closely at what Grindr announced back in September, you will note that there are no actual differences in the app from the day before to the day after. That doesn't mean that there isn't more we can do, which is why this year, Scruff became the first gay dating app, and I believe possibly the first just overall dating app, to actually remove ethnicity as a default from our profile. When you launch Scruff right now today, ethnicity is not listed on any profile.

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It can still be included if you choose to as a member, but it is not listed by default. I can tell you that that change has been well-received by our community, and there have been no negative repercussions thus far, but we didn't just stop there. We have also been analyzing profiles here in the United States that include racial language, both "I don't date" and "I only date We've started looking at our profiles that include this kind of language and begun some initial tests where we actually send in-app notifications to profiles that include racial language and invite them to take a moment and to consider how that language affects other people.

It's not a warning — we do not imply that they have violated anything. However, since the dawn of civilization, marriage has always been between males and females because of the unique function they perform in society. Successful reproduction requires stable families, and families begin with marriages. Since marriages are necessary to make families that make cultures that construct social conventions, then cultures cannot be the constructors of the marriages that make culture possible in the first place.

Bricks make the building, not the building the bricks. Culture does not construct marriage.

Marriage and family construct culture. Although some marriages are barren, by choice or by circumstance, this proves nothing. The state protects conjugal marriage because of its institutional importance to culture. By licensing same-sex marriage, society declares by law that two men or two women are equally suited to raise a child, that mothers and fathers contribute nothing unique to healthy child-rearing. Moms and dads are not interchangeable. Same-sex marriage will secure new liberties for homosexuals that have eluded them thus far.

This will not happen because no personal liberty is being denied them. Same-sex couples can already do everything married people do. They can express love, have weddings, set up housekeeping, share home ownership, have sex, commingle property, receive inheritance, and spend their lives together. Same-sex marriage grants no new freedom and restricts no liberty. In the final analysis, same-sex marriage is an aggressive act of social engineering repudiating, by legal fiat, the natural and singular role heterosexual unions perform in civilization.

By equating same-sex unions with heterosexual unions, it changes culture at its core. Three things rapidly follow. First, homosexuality will officially and legally be declared normal, even if most cultures disagree.

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Second, anyone continuing to make the gender distinctions dictated by nature will run afoul of a law dictated by men. Those opposing homosexuality will be legally vulnerable.

Grindr: app's president says marriage is 'between man and woman'

Adoption legislation, rights of association, religious practices, freedom of speech, issues of conscience all will suffer harm. Marriage, family, and parenthood will continue to be redefined. Polygamy, polyandry, polyamory, and other creative variations will be justified by the same legal logic.

These things are already beginning to happen in this country and around the world. And what's to stop them? Why would anyone think we can take an axe to the roots of civilization and not suffer consequences? Media App.

Grindr: app's president says marriage is 'between man and woman' | Technology | The Guardian

Same-Sex Marriage. Legislating Approval Ultimately, same-sex marriage is not about civil rights. The Policy Issue Rhetorical Considerations: The Meaning of Marriage Marriage is not defined; it is described. Challenge 1: Unequal Rights? Part 1 "Homosexuals are denied the same rights as heterosexuals.

Challenge 2: Challenge 3: They provided us lawyers, counsellors, and more than that, the CEO of the company, Urvi Shah was always in touch. We could call her at midnight knowing that she is going to pick up the call and will help us no matter what. AGM is a platform where anyone can find a like-minded person. I was worried while getting registered though because websites cannot be trusted easily.

More than that, I was worried about sharing my documents with the company because I never wanted my identity to come out in public. On one side, it was my fear of exposing my sexuality and on the other side; it was the hope of happiness that I always waited for. Thank god, I trusted them and took a huge step of my life.